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2013 Wall Calendar

wall calendarTechnology is one of my loves, but I still prefer hands-on means to keeping a calendar and keeping track of my schedule. I know that the computer calendar is easily accessible right down there in the lower right of my task bar, but in my office/crafting room, I still like having a wall calendar handy, especially when I’m looking ahead or making plans. Last year I did this with Scrapbook & Cards Today’s Sketch Calendar, which was lots of fun and definitely worth keeping now that the year is over!

This year, I decided to go hands-on in a real sort of way and make my own. My real calendar is a purple Gallery Leather desk planner from Barnes and Noble; I take it with me in my purse. It has empty squares and small numbers, for write-in space.

I wanted this at-home office calendar to have numbers that were big and easy to read. After dinking around with various “print a calendar” websites I didn’t really find what I wanted, so I gave in and checked out the Micro$oft Office templates. I ended up adapting an Excel template with monthly calendars for 2013, putting two months to each page in Word (portrait orientation), then re-formatting: bigger, bolder date numbers especially.

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Washi Tape Storage

Here’s a cheap storage solution, with a cutter edge, too!  Normal waxed paper boxes might be a little flimsy but could any storage idea be easier?

I could not locate the original post on her blog: https://choosingsimplicity.wordpress.com/

You need cut off the flaps from the short sides. I would also tape the ends, just to reinforce them. Decorate the outside if you want, which would make the sides stronger, too.

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Washi Tape Sources

While it’s been around for a while, not everyone has heard of washi tape. A few weeks ago, at our local Michael’s store, I asked about it and the salesperson had not heard of it. She did say that someone else had been asking about it early that same day, so it’s safe to assume they’ll be on the Washi Tape wagon very soon.

They did, in fact, carry some, though it wasn’t official washi tape (it has to be made with Japanese Washi paper to be called that). Continue reading »

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Washi Tape Intro

What’s the deal with Washi Tape, anyway? It seems to be the most mesmerizing scrapbook embellishment ever invented. I’ve got a growing collection, myself. As much as crafters love it, some of us spend more time loving it than using it. I want to break out! This post, then, is the first of a series tracking my Washi Journey. I hope it helps you progress nicely with your own!

Washi Tape is a Japanese invention; it has to be made with Washi paper to be correctly called “washi tape.” You can also find essentially the same stuff called paper tape, decorative tape, tissue tape. Continue reading »