TOL: Scarfy Thing 1

I’ve been working on my Scarfy Thing since early August. Overall, it’s going well, but it’s one of those craft projects where I got hit smack! with what it means to be  hands-on learner. I’m talking about the less than obvious joins from sections 4 to 5, 10 to 11, and now I’m muddling though how to get section 13 started.  I *think* Scarfy is essentially log cabin knitting, though I’ve never read or tried a Log Cabin pattern. Most of the time transitioning from one section to the next is no problem, it’s when one turns 90 degrees and you have to not just pick up and knit but attach a section sideways. And for 4 to 5 the Scarfy Thing KAL ravelry forum helped a ton, but apparently no one on the entire planet has had trouble with getting section 13 started but me.

How to manage these trickier sections varies whether one is attaching from the left or the right, and to live stitches or selvedge stitches. Beata gives some suggestions in her pattern, which is more of a “recipe” as she calls it.

scarfy thing


My previous successes are not transferring to this issue now on how to section 13′ which goes right not left, is knitting horizontally and starts from selvedge stitches not a cast on row. Yow?

one should attach a new color on the RS, but I’ve tried that a couple times and ended up ripping it out. This time I’m going to try attaching the new yarn to the right corner of the selvedge stitches at the top of 12 on the WRONG side, and purl across rather than knit. Then turn without attaching, and try the K2TOG join of last stitch on that ourled row, and the first selvedge stitch at the inside corner of the purple section.

It you’re still with me, and actually care how this turns out, I will report back. Thanks for listening while I think outloud.