Best Organizing Tip Ever

stamps-drawerIf you’ve been scrapbooking for more than a couple of years, no doubt you’ve accumulated a certain amount of stuff. *cough* So have I. One of the items I’ve found hardest to deal with are rubber stamps. I have my wooden word stamps (the ones I use most often) in a drawer, but was stumped on how to deal with the clear stamps. I didn’t really want to use yet another binder. I wanted something more accessible so they would be easy (and more likely) to be used. Continue reading »

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Washi Tape Storage

Here’s a cheap storage solution, with a cutter edge, too!  Normal waxed paper boxes might be a little flimsy but could any storage idea be easier?

I could not locate the original post on her blog: https://choosingsimplicity.wordpress.com/

You need cut off the flaps from the short sides. I would also tape the ends, just to reinforce them. Decorate the outside if you want, which would make the sides stronger, too.