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Made My Own Kit

kit thumbnailIf you’re like me, you’ve seen (and drooled over) those expensive, yummy-looking kits offered on so many scrapbooking websites, each one full of well-selected paper, embellishments, stickers and stamps. Usually, to get one, you have to sign up for a period of time, joining the Kit Club. Several months of $37.50 (or higher!) fees isn’t that easy to manage for many of us.

Don’t despair! A few days ago, I discovered this website, with a subtitle that reads: “Providing inspiration for creating scrapbook kits from your own supplies…” — Awesome!

Counterfeit Kit Challenge

and then this article at Get It Scrapped (scroll down) which has some good tips for choosing paper:

Make Your Own Scrapbook Kits

This morning I had some time, and rummaged around and put together My First Kit! It was actually a very useful effort, as I gathered the supplies that went with each other rather than trying to find something to match a design idea in my head or coordinate with photos I wanted to put in a layout, and doing this helped me to think of new possibilities for some materials I’ve had around since forever. Besides, it was fun! Continue reading »