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Scrap Strips: DIY Embellies

emb-thumbScrapbooking can be an expensive hobby. Like fashion, scrapbooking trends shift with the prevailing wind. Keeping up with those Hot Trends is not cheap.

If you’re like me, I am always watching for DIY solutions, especially for Embellishments. I haven’t descended as of yet to making my own paper.

I have some wonderful metal drawers, in two of them I keep Neutral Colored strips and Colored Strips. But the drawers were getting too full to be useable; time to do something about this.
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Wooden You Like some BARC Tape

barc-tape-thumbIt would no doubt be embarrassing to see the list of the craft supplies I’ve bought on impulse over the years. I grabbed a good one this week, though. I’m confident it will be worth it, plus it was 30% off. What’s to worry?

BARC tape packageIt’s a new product called BARC tape. It comes in a blond color called White Birch, and the one shown, called Cherry. It looks closer to maple to me, and it a light medium brown. The rolls are 1 inch wide and fifteen feet long. It also comes in sheets.
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Searching for embellishments in new places

snowflakesThanks to a chance comment by a friend of mine (AJT, that’s YOU), for some months now, I have been watching for embellishments outside the scrapbooking aisle. Found a good one today, so read on: I’m sharing!

I was at Joann’s, buying fabric. I am making pillows for my son and DIL. It’s actually their Christmas present: I will make a set of living room pillows, their design. One thing led to another, and I only received their final design and fabric choices last month. Since its summertime, I’m not in any rush, and so have been buying the fabric either on sale or using one of the weekly coupons. Hey, I’m cheap. Continue reading »


Flower Embellishments from Circles

flower from circlesIn any scrapbooking store, a big part of what’s for sale are embellishments. Embellishments add interest and depth to layouts. I’m rather partial these days to wood veneer shapes. The wallet’s not bottomless, though, so I’ve been watching magazines and scrapbooking sites for embellishment ideas that I can make myself.

You may have seen layouts with flowers made from folded circles, also. This week, I worked out how to make them myself. Following is what I learned in the process.

You need double-sided paper with some substance (weight). The designs of the paper’s front and back should have a fair amount of contrast. The circle-flower easiest to make has four petals. Four petals mean quarter circles and right angles. If right about now memories of high school geometry are rearing their ugly heads, take a deep breath and keep reading. It’s not hard. A workspace with a grid is a big help, too! Continue reading »


Embellishment Clusters

Like yours, no doubt, my scrapbooking style has evolved since I first started. Evolved and is evolving. Over the past year or so, I've moved towards pages that are richer, visually, than my first bare bones + stickers pages. Richer pages mean embellishments. Continue reading »