Grids and Blocks Class from MSD

msd-classesI’ve already written here about the Layering Get It Scrapped/Masterful Scrapbook Design class. This past week, I had a chance to “take” the MSD Grids & Blocks class. The printable lesson (131 pages) was made up of pointers, design instruction and examples from a number of talented designers. One of the best features of the MSD class materials is that it provides whys about how things work and the reasons you might make a choice in that direction.  I find this approach very helpful and always inspiring.

I have yet to work through all the material (the class PDFs alone are worth the price of admission) or watch any of the videos, but was inspired by an example provided by one of my favorite scrapbook designers, Summer Fullerton. If you follow Scrapbook & Cards Today, Summer is the one who posts the Color Suites every month. Her scrapbooking style is not messy or random-looking. She’s a pretty orderly thinker, apparently, like me, but very creative and when I saw her name on the list of designers for the Grids and Blocks class, I didn’t need to dither around anymore. Continue reading »


Free Class! Journaling Techniques

journaling classThe class is taught by Ali Edwards. Journaling is my weak point, but free is a great motivator to take this class!

In the class description, “Writing is really important to Ali and she’s on a mission to inspire you to get more stories in your scrapbooks. She reiterates the importance of writing things down NOW and incorporating them into layouts LATER.” I have to confess that generally I work in the opposite order.

I have also been periodically working on pages for a very personal album, not shown to many. It sounds as if the lessons from this class will be a big inspiration for that album.

Here’s the link for the original blog post:

And here’s the registration link:

Journaling Techniques with Ali Edwards Free Class.

See you there?


I’ve Got Mail!

It’s March 1 — looks like it’s time to make some cards!

I’m spending part of March taking this month’s class at Studio Calico, “You’ve Got Mail!”. It’s a card-making class, and the first day’s introductory handout has an easy but very attractive “Hello” card. The class fee includes some freebie downloads and a set of clear stamps (that I'm hoping arrive in today's mail!) — registration is closed as the class has begun.

This is my third Studio Calico class, and it looks like it’s going to be very useful in helping me keep my “no more H@llmark cards” resolution. I’ll be posting pictures of a few of my creations here as March unfolds.

In the meantime, enjoy these blustery March days! Can spring be too far behind?


Layering Class – Three Thumbs Up

About a year ago, I saw a link to some free! lessons, “Design Principles for the Scrapbook Page.” What’s to lose, I thought, so I clicked through (for the first time, but not the last!) to Get It Scrapped, Debbie Hodge’s mega-site. It’s full of tips, articles, much of it available for free.

As for the twelve lessons, I’ve found that often free stuff is sort of useful, but not that in depth, but I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and coverage of these free lessons. I’ve been scrapbooking now for years and I still learned quite a bit; they would also be helpful for beginners and scrappers in-between.

layering class at GISThe GIS website has another section called “Masterful Scrapbooking Design.” There you can sign up to receive the higher-level, topical lessons that are released several times a year — these are for a fee. My schedule was pretty full at that point, and I did not look very far at what the MSD lessons involved.

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