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2013 Wall Calendar

wall calendarTechnology is one of my loves, but I still prefer hands-on means to keeping a calendar and keeping track of my schedule. I know that the computer calendar is easily accessible right down there in the lower right of my task bar, but in my office/crafting room, I still like having a wall calendar handy, especially when I’m looking ahead or making plans. Last year I did this with Scrapbook & Cards Today’s Sketch Calendar, which was lots of fun and definitely worth keeping now that the year is over!

This year, I decided to go hands-on in a real sort of way and make my own. My real calendar is a purple Gallery Leather desk planner from Barnes and Noble; I take it with me in my purse. It has empty squares and small numbers, for write-in space.

I wanted this at-home office calendar to have numbers that were big and easy to read. After dinking around with various “print a calendar” websites I didn’t really find what I wanted, so I gave in and checked out the Micro$oft Office templates. I ended up adapting an Excel template with monthly calendars for 2013, putting two months to each page in Word (portrait orientation), then re-formatting: bigger, bolder date numbers especially.

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