Free Travel Printables

Are you working on a summer vacation layout? Download some free travel-related printables, especially suited for Project Life albums at Creative Keepsakes.


Best Organizing Tip Ever

stamps-drawerIf you’ve been scrapbooking for more than a couple of years, no doubt you’ve accumulated a certain amount of stuff. *cough* So have I. One of the items I’ve found hardest to deal with are rubber stamps. I have my wooden word stamps (the ones I use most often) in a drawer, but was stumped on how to deal with the clear stamps. I didn’t really want to use yet another binder. I wanted something more accessible so they would be easy (and more likely) to be used. Continue reading »


Grids and Blocks Class from MSD

msd-classesI’ve already written here about the Layering Get It Scrapped/Masterful Scrapbook Design class. This past week, I had a chance to “take” the MSD Grids & Blocks class. The printable lesson (131 pages) was made up of pointers, design instruction and examples from a number of talented designers. One of the best features of the MSD class materials is that it provides whys about how things work and the reasons you might make a choice in that direction.  I find this approach very helpful and always inspiring.

I have yet to work through all the material (the class PDFs alone are worth the price of admission) or watch any of the videos, but was inspired by an example provided by one of my favorite scrapbook designers, Summer Fullerton. If you follow Scrapbook & Cards Today, Summer is the one who posts the Color Suites every month. Her scrapbooking style is not messy or random-looking. She’s a pretty orderly thinker, apparently, like me, but very creative and when I saw her name on the list of designers for the Grids and Blocks class, I didn’t need to dither around anymore. Continue reading »

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National Scrapbook Day 2013 – Scrapbook Challenge

But I made a card anyway.

Here’s the challenge at Studio Calico: Use Buttons

And if you scroll down the page, you can see that a card or layout is just fine, thanks. Continue reading »

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National Scrapbook Day 2013 – Card Challenge

Happy NSD! How are you celebrating the occasion?

I am trying a couple of Studio Calico’s challenges posted on their blog. My first successful creation, a card using five different patterns of paper, Card Challenge #3. This is for a friend who recently retired (L.C., don’t tell B. until it arrives in the mail!). He loves the outdoors, camping, guy stuff… you get the picture.

By the way, Studio Calico is providing a free printable as part of the day’s fun. It’s especially useful if you’re following the Project Life approach to scrapbooking. Continue reading »

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Made My Own Kit

kit thumbnailIf you’re like me, you’ve seen (and drooled over) those expensive, yummy-looking kits offered on so many scrapbooking websites, each one full of well-selected paper, embellishments, stickers and stamps. Usually, to get one, you have to sign up for a period of time, joining the Kit Club. Several months of $37.50 (or higher!) fees isn’t that easy to manage for many of us.

Don’t despair! A few days ago, I discovered this website, with a subtitle that reads: “Providing inspiration for creating scrapbook kits from your own supplies…” — Awesome!

Counterfeit Kit Challenge

and then this article at Get It Scrapped (scroll down) which has some good tips for choosing paper:

Make Your Own Scrapbook Kits

This morning I had some time, and rummaged around and put together My First Kit! It was actually a very useful effort, as I gathered the supplies that went with each other rather than trying to find something to match a design idea in my head or coordinate with photos I wanted to put in a layout, and doing this helped me to think of new possibilities for some materials I’ve had around since forever. Besides, it was fun! Continue reading »