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A Pressing Matter of Romance

Late to the party, that’s me. I only got excited about hexagons last year, months past the point when the rest of the scrapbooking world had moved on to brush-stroke fonts. In school, I always ended up getting the glasses-style trend too late to be cool. Yeah, tortoise-shell frames! Wait, everyone else is wearing wire […]

Best Organizing Tip Ever

If you’ve been scrapbooking for more than a couple of years, no doubt you’ve accumulated a certain amount of stuff. *cough* So have I. One of the items I’ve found hardest to deal with are rubber stamps. I have my wooden word stamps (the ones I use most often) in a drawer, but was stumped […]

My Work Area, Unmasked

Have you seen posts on other scrapbooking-related sites with photos of other people’s work areas? They always look great, don’t they? Cute painted or grunge-finished antique cubbyholes with orderly lines of every M@rtha Stewart punch that has ever been made, neatly stacked paper in rainbow order sub-folders, embellishments stored away in various funky containers, and […]