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What, another scrapbooking and crafts blog? Yes, but what makes this one different is it isn’t a showcase, it’s a walk-through. Walk with me as I follow up on ideas, learn some new techniques, explore trends, and display my results — pretty and not so pretty. All meant to encourage you, inspire you, and hopefully, also receive the same from you as we all develop our creative¬† skills and share what we learn. Along the way, I promise to show my successes and the not-so-successful attempts.

I hope this site helps you find inspiration, ideas and encouragement in your investment in leisure, caring for your home, and enjoying the company of friends in-person and through this site.

About the name: Yes, I know The Creative Exchange is not the only website with that name. However, it describes well the purpose of the site. I would rather this wasn’t a solo journey. Please contribute your ideas and tips and successes (and maybe the not-so’s) as well.¬† Here, I’ll go first:

Oops, someone forgot to plan ahead.


Aaah, that’s better.

A Bit More About Me

The very first project I can remember making was a fairy costume for myself, made out of tissue paper, the gold crayon in my 144-count box (I used all of it) and my mother’s roll of scotch tape (I used all of that, too.) No, I do not have a photo, unfortunately. Once I learned the importance of owning one’s own supplies (my mom kinda got after me for using up ALL of her tape), I never looked back, and now, many rolls of tape and countless other craft supply purchases later, making stuff has always been part of my life.

I’ve followed a number of interests over the years, but scrapbooking hit the big time for me and everyone else about 10 years ago. I am hooked. It satisfies my crafting urge, and fills up a corner of the room that is my “office.” I also make cards, sew, have made some of my own cosmetics, and a few other creative pursuits. Along the way I’ve benefited from the encouragement of friends and family, instruction formally and informally from many, and my own efforts to get better at design and crafting.

While I have a learned a thing or two about design in the past few years, I don’t really consider myself an artist, rather I think I’m more of a crafts-person. I’m still learning, my style and skills are evolving. This site is intended to share with you what I’ve learned and am learning, and I hope you will do the same for me. I look forward to hearing from you!