Best Organizing Tip Ever

stamps-drawerIf you’ve been scrapbooking for more than a couple of years, no doubt you’ve accumulated a certain amount of stuff. *cough* So have I. One of the items I’ve found hardest to deal with are rubber stamps. I have my wooden word stamps (the ones I use most often) in a drawer, but was stumped on how to deal with the clear stamps. I didn’t really want to use yet another binder. I wanted something more accessible so they would be easy (and more likely) to be used.

This post about stamp organization by guest poster Jennifer McGuire at Allie Edwards’ site had the answer for me: clear pockets, 5×8″, from Office Depot. Not Staples, or Office Max, they don’t carry anything like this — I looked. Office Depot. Got it?

I’m not linking to the OD site, but here are the specs: clear 5×8 inch pockets, 10 in a package, item # 181-004. Look for them in the sheet protectors section.

Here are my clear stamps, stored away, easily viewed and used. They’re standing in a shoe shipping box from a certain online retailer that I cut down and altered, (the box, not the retailer) but that organization tip is for another post.

rubber stamp storage

thumbThe pockets are also good to keep collections of flat embellishments such as chipboard accents. Total win…

Got any organization tricks or tips to share?



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