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msd-classesI’ve already written here about the Layering Get It Scrapped/Masterful Scrapbook Design class. This past week, I had a chance to “take” the MSD Grids & Blocks class. The printable lesson (131 pages) was made up of pointers, design instruction and examples from a number of talented designers. One of the best features of the MSD class materials is that it provides whys about how things work and the reasons you might make a choice in that direction.  I find this approach very helpful and always inspiring.

I have yet to work through all the material (the class PDFs alone are worth the price of admission) or watch any of the videos, but was inspired by an example provided by one of my favorite scrapbook designers, Summer Fullerton. If you follow Scrapbook & Cards Today, Summer is the one who posts the Color Suites every month. Her scrapbooking style is not messy or random-looking. She’s a pretty orderly thinker, apparently, like me, but very creative and when I saw her name on the list of designers for the Grids and Blocks class, I didn’t need to dither around anymore.

layout-grids-MSD-classLike Summer, my natural style is, well, blocky. The past year I’ve been trying to loosen up my approach, the primary reason I bought the afore-mentioned Layering class. This artier style is easier with cards than scrapbook layouts, I find, and I think I’m getting it, sometimes, but I’m still me. And I will always be. I like my ducks all in a row. Nevertheless, I was excited to see this MSD class, focusing on MY STYLE as a worthy design approach. Yay, I’m respectable just the way I am!

Of course, I can only show you my layout, and not the picture that inspired it — one of Summer’s examples in the class PDF. This photo is of me and my grandson, Caleb.  (In respect for his parents’ wishes about their children’s online presence, his photo is blurred.) It’s pretty plain, I didn’t embellish it much. I wanted the different papers and colors to set off the photo.

If you’re interested, you can signup for the Grids & Blocks class, or consider the MSD “three class bundle.” At Masterful Scrapbook Design Debbie Hodge offers a bundle of three classes co-taught by designers working for manufacturers and top kit clubs.

The three-class bundle is $58 (less than $20 per class). There is also a 6-class bundle that is $96.
* Grids and Blocks (Jul/Aug 2013) with Tiffany Tillman, Lisa Dickinson, Doris Sander, Summer Fullerton, Lynnette Penacho
* Tension (Sept/Oct 2013) with Dina Wakley, Anna Aspnes, Emily Pitts, Corrie Jones, Doris Sander
* Color (Nov/Dec 2013) with Kelly Noel, Lynn Grieveson, Dina Wakley, Krista Sahlin, Lisa Dickinson

As acknowledged elsewhere on this site, links to Get It Scrapped or Masterful Scrapbook Design are affiliate links. I would not recommend anything that I did not think was worthwhile in its own right.

2 responses to “Grids and Blocks Class from MSD”

  1. Katharine says:

    I like how the tree and the tops of the letters break through the boundary of the square. I prefer blocky/aligned layouts mostly myself, but sometimes a small touch like that takes it to the next level.

    • Becky says:

      Thanks, Katharine. I had to MAKE myself move the tree over that far. I wanted it to be inside the boundaries! I also now see that the line-up of the two 4-block sets could be done better, though it would affect the outside “margin” around the smaller set. I like the layout and am happy with it. There’s always more to learn!

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