My Work Area, Unmasked

Have you seen posts on other scrapbooking-related sites with photos of other people’s work areas? They always look great, don’t they? Cute painted or grunge-finished antique cubbyholes with orderly lines of every M@rtha Stewart punch that has ever been made, neatly stacked paper in rainbow order sub-folders, embellishments stored away in various funky containers, and of course, no scraps in sight. Studio Calico runs a weekly feature called “Workspace Wednesdays.” The workspaces always look fabulous.

Of course they do… what would be the point of posting about messy work spaces? The posts are meant to inspire. However, in keeping with the philosophy behind this blog of full disclosure, herewith is the first of my Truthtelling Thursdays.

My workspace is in our spare bedroom called My Office. Recently “re-organized,” it’s working for me fairly well except that it’s also the same space where I sew, stash knitting supplies, store files related to all of the activities I’m involved in at church, plus it contains our PC and two filing cabinets. If I engage in more than one crafty project in the same week, the organization just kind of explodes. It’s getting better though. I find drawers are best, and have been tracking down more and more. Labels are crucial in helping me keep track of where things where belong.

My current dilemma is how to store rubber stamps. Some are wood with handles, some are clear and flat. I’d love to hear your ideas in managing this workspace issue.

But above is my crafting table in all its glory. Enjoy!

EDIT: After drafting this post, this week’s designer featured in Workspace Wednesdays at Studio Calico provided a full disclaimer at the end of her post! Yay for Lexi Bridges! (Read all the way to the end!).

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  1. laura says:

    bored at work today so browsing around. I keep all my rubber stamps in an old empty ice cream bucket! you can decorate it or just leave it as is. of course the stamps at the bottom get used a lot less than the ones on the top!

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