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Corner Rounders

Way back when I got started scrapbooking (those were the Creative Memories days, thank you, L.C.!), one of the first tools I bought was a corner rounder. On photos, matting paper or other materials, it’s seen a lot of use.

Recently, though, I’ve been wishing for a tighter corner. I wanted my corners rounded but not quite so circular, if you get what I mean. While some scrapbooking supplies manufacturers have *many* different punches, none had quite what I was looking for, a simple corner rounder with a smaller radius.

Finally I found one on Am@zon, and believe it or not, it comes from Photo-Max, a photography supplies company. Apparently photographers round their photos, too. This means you might be able to find it at your local camera store! It also has the container underneath to catch the clips.

(Hey, I just realized… I am a photographer! Never occurred to me to pick up scrapbooking tools at the local photog store, though!)

The new rounder cuts corners at a 1/8″ radius; the Creative Memories corner rounder, like many others in the scrapbooking world, is a 1/4″ radius. Here’s a picture showing both:









Doesn’t the smaller radius just look, well, kind of classier?  I am not throwing away the old one, though. It’s still totally useful for a softer look to my roundy corners.

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