Layering Class – Three Thumbs Up

About a year ago, I saw a link to some free! lessons, “Design Principles for the Scrapbook Page.” What’s to lose, I thought, so I clicked through (for the first time, but not the last!) to Get It Scrapped, Debbie Hodge’s mega-site. It’s full of tips, articles, much of it available for free.

As for the twelve lessons, I’ve found that often free stuff is sort of useful, but not that in depth, but I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and coverage of these free lessons. I’ve been scrapbooking now for years and I still learned quite a bit; they would also be helpful for beginners and scrappers in-between.

layering class at GISThe GIS website has another section called “Masterful Scrapbooking Design.” There you can sign up to receive the higher-level, topical lessons that are released several times a year — these are for a fee. My schedule was pretty full at that point, and I did not look very far at what the MSD lessons involved.

However, since I was now on Debbie’s mailing list for the Get It Scrapped weekly newsletter, last December I found out that for twelve days, she would be offering some of the Get It Scrapped/Masterful Scrapbooking Design full-scale classes for FREE! (Did I mention that Debbie offers lots of free stuff?)

Wow, was this a deal. Every day for twelve days, you got access to materials including pages and pages of pdf lessons, as well as audio and video of interviews and how-tos, all from many different designers — and all this on twelve different topics.

I am still wading through all that stuff I downloaded last December. If she offers it again next December, I may not be done reading it all even then.

Along with the twelve free classes, other MSD and GIS full classes were offered at half-price, and I bought two of them. And here comes the point of this long, wordy post: the Scrapbook Page Layering class (for $) and the free Canvas class are among the best scrapbooking help I’ve ever run across. The Layering class especially has helped me think about my layouts in a more purposeful, structured and yet creative way, and would have been more than worth the full price for the class, IMHO. I find I do less sitting and spinning my wheels, and am making better use of my scrapbooking time. What’s so helpful, I think, is that the classes teach principles rather than a how-to to make one particular layout or copy a specific technique. The examples are provided by many different designers; their styles don’t always appeal to me but the application of the points being made is still relevant and instructive.

So there you have it… my review and recommendation of the GIS/MSD classes:




P.S. Full disclosure: Because I think so well of the classes, I’ve signed up as affiliate with Get It Scrapped. If you register for a class there by clicking through on links to GIS from here, I will receive a bonus. I wrote this post long before finding out about her affiliate program — the review is the Real Deal!


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