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2013 Wall Calendar

wall calendarTechnology is one of my loves, but I still prefer hands-on means to keeping a calendar and keeping track of my schedule. I know that the computer calendar is easily accessible right down there in the lower right of my task bar, but in my office/crafting room, I still like having a wall calendar handy, especially when I’m looking ahead or making plans. Last year I did this with Scrapbook & Cards Today’s Sketch Calendar, which was lots of fun and definitely worth keeping now that the year is over!

This year, I decided to go hands-on in a real sort of way and make my own. My real calendar is a purple Gallery Leather desk planner from Barnes and Noble; I take it with me in my purse. It has empty squares and small numbers, for write-in space.

I wanted this at-home office calendar to have numbers that were big and easy to read. After dinking around with various “print a calendar” websites I didn’t really find what I wanted, so I gave in and checked out the Micro$oft Office templates. I ended up adapting an Excel template with monthly calendars for 2013, putting two months to each page in Word (portrait orientation), then re-formatting: bigger, bolder date numbers especially.

wall calendar

After printing and trimming the calendar pages, then I used the heavy cardboard backing from an empty 8-1/2×11 note pad, covered it with some nice scrapbook paper (from Basic Grey’s “Out of Print” collection), bound the edges with strips of washi tape, and made a hanger out of braided trimmings.

I used a sheet of darker paper to back the actual calendar, for contrast, and adhered the two to the decorated backing with photo splits.

Here it is on my wall ยป

It turned out quite well, I think. I forgot to put “2013” on there somewhere, so sounds like it’s time for an embellishment. I’ll have to change the display every other month, but that will be fun!

If you’d like to try one yourself, here’s the calendar in PDF format.

(Downloadable Word docs are a security risk; if you’d like the file in Word, use the contact form and email me. I’ll send it to you.)

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