Chevrons from Squares

squares to make chevrons

After a bit of a [posting break, here we go with part two of the Saga of the Chevrons. I need to make several sympathy cards, unfortunately, and this card tutorial seemed like an appropriate design: essentially not too fussy, and the choice of paper colors can contribute to the right feel for the message.

The blog post that inspired this project was published at Creative Memories:

Of course I did not follow it exactly. My square punch doesn’t always make shapes that have neat edges anymore, so I chose to cut some strips of 12×12 paper and then use a smaller paper cutter to make my squares. The big advantage of the square maker is all the squares are the same.

If you do as I did, you will need to take care to also make squares the same size, and keep them right angled and, well, square.

Here’s the card in progress:

The first row of squares is most important. It sets up the alignment for all the others. If you look closely you can see that my first row is slightly off-center; the side points on the right and left side squares that extend over the edge of the card are not the same. It doesn’t look bad, though, IMHO.

Because the squares do create some depth with all the overlapping, I used a fabric ribbon border for the strip above them. It’s thick and so helps to balance the layers of paper below.

When I punched the sentiment on the white label (Martha Stewart) it also was slightly off-center but the flowers pretty much took care of that.

Finished product:

card with chevrons

It would be a fussy job, but of course this idea could be used to create a chevron border on a scrapbook layout. Let me know if you give it try!

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