Flower Embellishments from Circles

flower from circlesIn any scrapbooking store, a big part of what’s for sale are embellishments. Embellishments add interest and depth to layouts. I’m rather partial these days to wood veneer shapes. The wallet’s not bottomless, though, so I’ve been watching magazines and scrapbooking sites for embellishment ideas that I can make myself.

You may have seen layouts with flowers made from folded circles, also. This week, I worked out how to make them myself. Following is what I learned in the process.

You need double-sided paper with some substance (weight). The designs of the paper’s front and back should have a fair amount of contrast. The circle-flower easiest to make has four petals. Four petals mean quarter circles and right angles. If right about now memories of high school geometry are rearing their ugly heads, take a deep breath and keep reading. It’s not hard. A workspace with a grid is a big help, too!

It took some trial-and-error to find out the fold lines. You need to fold a little bit more than one quarter of the outside edge. To help you here’s a sketch:

More helps:

  • The “height” of the folded part is about 1/5 of the circle’s diameter (the length from one side of the circle to the edge directly opposite.)
  • The point made by the two folds should = 90 degrees, a right angle.
  • The folds should be just about even, so the petals fit next to each other neatly with the folds lining up.

I would use glue dots to adhere the petals to my layout. I’m not sure how small these could go; the smaller circles are a little harder to fold.

flower from fifths sketchHave you mastered the four-petal flower? Great — now it’s time to try the five-petal flower, which is a little trickier. In this sketch, the purple lines show the angle, approximately, needed for the folds on each circle.  Notice that there’s a bit of space at the center when all the petals are put together.

You may have to space them out a bit at the center after folding, too. The point at the folds is also, well, pointier.  The flower might look its best with a button or brad or other additional embellishment to make the flower’s center and cover that space.

flower circle from fifths







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