Album Theme: 100 Moments

I ran across this article a while back,

dream big.: Life Changing Moments.

and am super-excited about the idea for an album. Of course I already have more than one or two albums *cough* in progress, but I want to do this 100 moments idea because:

  1. Over the summer I (re)organized 35 years of family photos. They reside happily but very boringly inside plastic photo file boxes. It is not likely they will make it into chronological memory albums, and if I am going to scrap them I think I need to pick out some and leave the others go or just put them into regular ol’ photo sleeves.
  2. I tend scrapbook when I’m inspired and the idea is super-motivating.
  3. It’s an approach to looking backward that focuses on what mattered then and now. I think such an album would be very meaningful for my offspring and grand-offspring someday.

I’ve been at work on my own list of 100, which is really more 100 experiences that influenced me rather than moments. Some of them were months long. It’s a pretty private list, but here’s a selection from the early years.

  • Move to S—- C— in California
  • Learning to read, before kindergarten
  • My friend Ricky
  • Not liking apples in my school lunch
  • Moving to the apartment, sleeping in the sofabed for 9 months
  • New school mid-year but I didn’t know how to do long division
  • New house, our first summer and sliding down hills in flattened boxes
  • Fourth grade: 4×6 = 22 and my first pair of glasses

What experiences would you put on your list? Care to share any?

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