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Washi Tape Sources

While it’s been around for a while, not everyone has heard of washi tape. A few weeks ago, at our local Michael’s store, I asked about it and the salesperson had not heard of it. She did say that someone else had been asking about it early that same day, so it’s safe to assume they’ll be on the Washi Tape wagon very soon.

They did, in fact, carry some, though it wasn’t official washi tape (it has to be made with Japanese Washi paper to be called that). Here are some brands that offer paper tape, tissue tape, decorative tape… by any other name! It all seems to run around $2.50-$3.50 per roll.

Tim Holtz has several packages of two rolls each in antique, grungy designs. I have the set with butterflies and antique writing, both with an off-white background.

Smash (by K&Company) offers several rolls. Possibly the best is the black and white polka dot, but I also like the Calendar design, which I’ve used often to date-stamp some scrapbook layouts.

The Indie Chic line (My Mind’s Eye) has several three-roll packages. I seem to gravitate towards blue/green combos, and that’s the selection I chose.

Recollections has several three-roll selections. These are 3 different widths. The very narrow width is actually pretty useful. The designs aren’t that artistic, and the colors tend to be brighter than I usually use, but with a Michael’s 40% off coupon, one of these would be worth it.

EDIT: When you’re shopping for washi tape, don’t focus only on the price per roll. You also need to take note of how much tape is on the roll. Typically, they run around 10-yards per roll. A cheap roll that only has a couple of yards may not be that good a deal!

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