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Scrap Strips: DIY Embellies

emb-thumbScrapbooking can be an expensive hobby. Like fashion, scrapbooking trends shift with the prevailing wind. Keeping up with those Hot Trends is not cheap.

If you’re like me, I am always watching for DIY solutions, especially for Embellishments. I haven’t descended as of yet to making my own paper.

I have some wonderful metal drawers, in two of them I keep Neutral Colored strips and Colored Strips. But the drawers were getting too full to be useable; time to do something about this.

I have used strips of washi tape laid out on a piece of paper, long side to long side, and then cut out shapes in my Cricut. It works fairly well. This article at Cocoa Daisy reminded me of this general approach, plus it hits another one of my buttons: Using Up Scraps.

I started with a light-weight piece of 12×12 paper; light-weight as it didn’t need to be heavy duty. Indeed, it’s getting more layers. Then I ran a bunch of rows of adhesive over one half of it. The adhesive needs to be pretty close together.

Starting with one strip that began from one of the corners and slanted it down, this was my Alignment Strip for the rest.  Then I laid down the rest of the strips, butting each one up against the other.  The selection is not random. I wanted my paper strips to be roughly the same value and have colors that somewhat coordinated, unlike the article example, which is a mix of light and dark color values. I was thinking of contrast between the embellishment and whatever paper I would use it on.

Here’s the result:

I turned over the paper and used scissors to trim away the strips that stuck out from the edge. I used Self Control and did not put them back in the drawer, but THREW THEM OUT. Enough is enough!
strips of paper

I also wanted to take a little care with the placement of the cutouts, so I oped to use punches rather than cut them out free-hand from the back of the paper.

  • Fiskars Medium Cloud
  • Fiskars Medium Hexagon
  • Fiskars (Teresa Collins Edition) Ampersand

Working with these on the top of the strips allowed me to prevent a punch placement that left only a smidgen of one strip showing.


Here’s my embellishment haul. Looks good, huh?


This was easy, my Colored Strips drawer is (slightly) emptier, and I have a nice selection of shapes for projects, all for the price of a few cents worth of adhesive.

What’s your favorite DIY trick for embellishments? Do share…



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Wooden You Like some BARC Tape

barc-tape-thumbIt would no doubt be embarrassing to see the list of the craft supplies I’ve bought on impulse over the years. I grabbed a good one this week, though. I’m confident it will be worth it, plus it was 30% off. What’s to worry?

BARC tape packageIt’s a new product called BARC tape. It comes in a blond color called White Birch, and the one shown, called Cherry. It looks closer to maple to me, and it a light medium brown. The rolls are 1 inch wide and fifteen feet long. It also comes in sheets.
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Searching for embellishments in new places

snowflakesThanks to a chance comment by a friend of mine (AJT, that’s YOU), for some months now, I have been watching for embellishments outside the scrapbooking aisle. Found a good one today, so read on: I’m sharing!

I was at Joann’s, buying fabric. I am making pillows for my son and DIL. It’s actually their Christmas present: I will make a set of living room pillows, their design. One thing led to another, and I only received their final design and fabric choices last month. Since its summertime, I’m not in any rush, and so have been buying the fabric either on sale or using one of the weekly coupons. Hey, I’m cheap. Continue reading »


“Happy” Sketch Contest Entry

happy thumbnailOf course you’ve seen those contest entry on scrapbooking sites. Sometimes they are just free for a comment, and sometimes you have to enter with some work. I’ve done both. Haven’t won yet, but I figure my turn will come someday.

I got one done yesterday.  Here’s the contest page:

I use PageMaps a lot. Yes, other people provide layout sketches but these just seem to start up my scrapbooking mojo better than others do.  It’s always interesting to see what other people do with contest using sketches. Their inspiration goes really far afield sometimes!  I’m such a rule follower… but this time around, at least I adapted the ideas and changed them somewhat. Continue reading »

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Echo Park Idea Books – FREE

echo-park-ebooksRecently, following up on a new paper line at Echo Park, I found out they offer a number of Idea Books, no cost! You can find them on the Echo Park Blog.

I downloaded several of them, two Holiday ebooks, not just for Christmas, and two general themes.

  • Create and Celebrate
  • Happy Holidays (2011)
  • ‘Tis the Season (this year!)
  • This & That.

Those I’ve looked at tend to be more about cards and small craft projects with a few scrapbooking layouts, but there is a lot of inspiration packed into these 25-30 page books.

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Free Travel Printables

Are you working on a summer vacation layout? Download some free travel-related printables, especially suited for Project Life albums at Creative Keepsakes.